Business Service Centres in Portugal


Welcome to the 2020 Business Services Centres in Portugal report, the first in-depth research to focus on the business services centres in Portugal, the report responds to the following questions: 

  • What are the main reasons to choose Portugal?
  • What are the countries and regions served from Portugal?
  • What are the key industries investing in Portugal?
  • What are the main activities delivered from Portugal?
  • How are business services centres best practices in terms of recruitment?
  • How satisfied are organizations with their service centres in Portugal?
  • What are the perspectives for the next three years?

In short, this report is the voice of the business service centres based in Portugal.

It was based on a survey and interviews with business services centres in Portugal, more specifically IDC surveyed 74 service centres top managers, representing more than 50% of all companies with business service centres in Portugal. 
The conclusion is that Portugal is one of the European countries where there is
an accelerated growth of services centres, attracting a lot of foreign investment
from several industries. Competitive costs, the availability of qualified talent and geographical proximity are key factors for this growth. The rationale is not a low-cost location but a value-for-money, where companies can profit from investment and turn into earnings. 
Looking forward, and taking in consideration how Portugal is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, its location, security, infrastructure and qualified talent, at IDC we believe that Portugal will continue to increase its competitiveness as a nearshore location in the following years, and companies worldwide will continue to choose Portugal for qualified talent at competitive costs!
Gabriel Coimbra, Group Vice President and Country Manager, IDC 

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